Qubed Planning

Wealth creation is a core consideration at Qubed. A well managed business will lead to growth in your personal wealth and it stands to reason that you should want to protect that wealth.

It is not only important to plan for your business growth but also your personal wealth that involves working through a financial plan to assist you in achieving all of your personal goals. A detailed financial plan will step out your personal goals and what you need to do to get there. It ties directly back to your business plan and is intended to take you towards financial freedom.

Protecting the wealth you have worked so hard to build is also an important part of wealth planning. Adequate insurance to protect you in times of injury / sickness or death is an integral consideration; income protection, life insurance, TPD and trauma cover are all examples of insurances that can help protect your families’ assets.

We have partnered with several well respected financial planning businesses to facilitate this process, being: